Hunar House

Hyderabad 1.0 - Open Mic
Alfazo ki Dil Sang Udaan

HunarHouse in association with Quanint Techsoft Presents:

A Poetry, Singing, Storytelling,Oratory,Dancing and all creative arts Performance Session in an OpenHouse Discussion at the heart of Telangana, a.k.a. Hyderabad at Quanint TechSoft, Hyderabad on Saturday, 13th April 2019 between 2-5pm. Do come for unleashing the beauty hidden in your Diary and be a part of an Open House Activity, an event like never seen before in Hyderabad.

Register now

Do register yourself, and Bring your buddies with you.

Registration Fee: INR 150/- only for Participants.

Rule of the Game:
1) Each participant will be given a max. time of 5 Minutes.
2) No. of performances must limit to a count of 2.
3) Priority would be given to the Artists who have registered through the application form